The dramatic diffusion of the Internet and the development of information technology (IT) have created a borderless world on a global scale, and the amount of information flowing between countries all over the world is steadily increasing. This has created a growing need for accurate and faster translations.
Our basic stance as a translation organization is to provide a service that does not merely consist of translating documentation. Our goal is to create a final optimum product from the perspective of the end-user (reader) and consistent with the intended use of the document. Based on this approach, we have established, with the backing of our superior staff, a high-quality, short-delivery, and low-cost service that enables us to handle the entire process from the translation stage through planning, design, and DTP to the final printing in-house.
We have earned ourselves the trust and patronage of leading companies and government agencies in Japan as well as of customers from abroad, and are committed to an ongoing effort to raise the standards of our translation staff, to enhance our system and to strengthen quality control in order to offer a better service. We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to international business and the development of companies.

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